I’ve definitely appreciated the people who’ve interacted with this website and blog, and I’d like to inspire a bit more of it if I can. Art is ultimately about communication after all…  and it can sometimes feel like isolated labor.

With this in mind, I’m going to inaugurate a quarterly contest.

Four times a year, I’ll solicit a guest entry for my blog. In return, the entry I like the most will get posted, and the submitting person will get a piece of my high-fire work (postage paid- heck… I’ll even mail outside of the U.S. for the right entry).
For the first contest, I’m asking for an entry discussing a threatened or endangered wild creature. 

Endangered species have been a recurrent theme in my work (comes of working for a Wildlife department in a western university).

The contest is also loosely based on an ongoing project I’m working on titled ‘Last Chance to See’, based on Douglas Adams’ book of the same name.


1)   There’s no hard word limit… but I haven’t posted anything much longer than 1000 words. The entry can be shorter.

2)   The entry should be essay-style. It should introduce a specific organism (anything from seaweed to chimpanzee is fine) that is threatened with extinction (I guess this could include almost any living thing on the planet… but starlings or Kentucky bluegrass probably don’t qualify).

2)   The entry should describe why this organism is meaningful to the writer. I’m very interested in reference to science, myth, culture, etc. My entry on elephants can serve as an example.

3)   You can include images if you like… but I’m happy to illustrate your entry.

4)   You can send me an attachment at kohakuroon@gmail.com, or you can post text into my commissions and contacts page.

The contest will run until the end of June (overlapping my annual work stint in Ecuador). 

I’ll post the entry that I like the most (assuming I get any!) in July. I’m happy to credit the author in any manner that they wish (links back to their website, etc.).

I’ll also work the organism from the entry into a new surface design for a raku piece.

The winner can choose one of these recent examples of my hi-fire work. Just for the record (because people always ask) these items are dishwasher, microwave, and food safe.

Heck- if Indiana Jones had had one of these, he wouldn't have needed that *&%( refrigerator.

First option is a 'steeper' mug. In addition to the lid, this piece features a perforated insert for holding loose-leaf tea.

There's a carved design on the flank inspired by the coast ranges of Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska (with a little bit of Ireland thrown in)

The alternate option was inspired by a friend who came over a month ago. I was giving away a few of my uglier, 'failed' pieces. He took a jar, saying that it would be perfect for 'sippin' whiskey'. He then informed me that I 'outta make a few whiskey flasks'.

Idaho- you've got to love it.

Here's the result. Not sure if I'll make more of these... but it was fun.

The design is my 'stock' grayling carving. There's a tube running through the upper center of the body- potential attachment point for a strap.

You could evoke all the Minnesota frat boys I remember from the ski hills near Minneapolis, wobbling down the hills with their canteens full of nameless rot-gut.

Anyhow- good luck, and I hope I hear from a few of you.



05/29/2013 09:55

Just passed on this link to a writer friend who's a marine bio poet who works on killer whales in AK. You'd love her new book: Into Great Silence" about the last transient pod on Prince William Sound. Check it out!

05/29/2013 11:10

Awesome- and thanks.

It's a small world. Two of my good friends (Chris Byl and Liz Bradfield) are AK writers... and they both love your friend's book...


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