The work is starting to pile up in my studio... I'll have a boatload of work to bisque-fire before too long here. Fortunately, my kiln is big enough fire an a full set of space shuttle tile... so I'm good to go.

At the moment, I'm working on a few art plates. Most of my work is functional, but there are some sporadic juried shows that restrict themselves to work that can be hung on a wall. Thus- plates- such as the study in puffer fish above.
There's an upcoming show with a focus on 'Forsaken Nature' that I'm considering applying to. The platter above is one idea I've been kicking about- sort of a 'lowland gorilla and the burning plain' design.

Meanwhile, I'm re-doing a drum with a centaur design. This design was based off a contest I ran at the end of the summer.
Unfortunately, the first drum that I made with this design suffered a rude fate. Kids- don't put your greenware down on the floor when you're working- even for a minute. I must have kicked that drum five feet through the air.
Here's the revised drum. Predictably enough, I'm pining for the original... but hopefully, this melancholy will pass.


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